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About e-mage


Since its establishment in 2001, “e-mage” has been dedicated to creating and implementing multimedia communication projects across various platforms, including web, print, and digital. With extensive expertise in the fields of graphics and information technology, the company offers a range of services in graphics and multimedia.


Specializing in applied design for editorial publications and visual identity in communication projects, products, events, and exhibitions, “e-mage” has garnered a solid track record working with both private enterprises and governmental organizations. The company’s work has been recognized for its quality and impact in delivering effective communication solutions.


The editorial publications designed by “e-mage” are handled in multiple languages: English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Italian.

Collaboration is a central pillar of the company’s approach. Rather than simply working for its clients, “e-mage” actively engages and integrates with their teams. By fostering strong partnerships and open communication, the company and its clients collectively contribute their expertise to deliver exceptional results.


With a keen eye for design, “e-mage” excels in creating engaging experiences across video, web, digital platforms, as well as traditional print media. Through collaborative efforts, the company leverages the strengths of its clients’ teams, resulting in comprehensive and impactful multimedia solutions.


At “e-mage,” the value of collaboration is paramount, and the company understands the importance of working closely with its clients. Together, they create compelling visual experiences that effectively communicate messages and achieve goals.

What e-mage can do for you


Corporate identity, project identity, logo design, product identity.


Web site design and developing, Intranet design, e-commerce, Mobile applications.


Interaction design, multimedia presentations, advanced PowerPoint and Keynotes presentations, Motion graphics, Digital publishing, Infographics.


Articulate authoring, Storyline authoring, learning material.


Brochures, catalogues, training modules, newsletters, reports, templates, infographics.

Rendicontazione erogazioni pubbliche

In ottemperanza agli obblighi previsti dalla legge 124/2017 e dal DL 34/2019

Gli aiuti di Stato e gli aiuti de minimis ricevuti sono contenuti nel Registro nazionale degli aiuti di Stato di cui all’art. 52 della L. 234/2012” e consultabili al seguente link, inserendo come chiave di ricerca nel campo